Design Redux Past Posts

February, 2011
  • My Maiden blog
March, 2011
  • HG sans TV      ("Parisian Purist")
  • Quick Sidetrack -- Love these Sheep!
  • HG sans TV --  "The Everyday Perfectionist"
  • HG sans TV --  "The House of Armani"  
  • HG sans TV --  "First Principle:  Fine & Mellow"
  • HG sans TV --  "Pure and Simple"
  • Curtain Call!      Part I:  Draperies and, um, Portieres -- Long, cool drink
  • Curtain Call!  Part II:  Draperies that Billow Like a Ballgown
  • Curtain Call!  Part III:  "God is in the Details."
  • Curtain Call!  Part IV:  Sheer Genius
April, 2011
  • Curtain Call!  Part V:  The Return of the Valance
  • Curtain Call!  Part VI:  Charmed, I'm Sure
  • Curtain Call!  Coda
  • Curtain Call!  Encore
  • Bed Time, Part I:  Upholstered Headboards
  • Bed Time, Part II:  Headboards that Soar
May, 2011
  • Bed Time, Part III:  Headboards that Strrretch
  • Bed Time, Part IV:  Metal Detection
  • Bed Time, Part V:  Wood Works 
  • Bed Time, Part VI:  A Bit of Design Ingenuity