Monday, February 21, 2011

My Maiden Blog

< rē′duks′:  brought back, restored as to former prominence or importance; resurgent >

Welcome to the premier of Design Redux.  My name is Elizabeth Hagins and I've worked as an interior designer for over 20 years.  Like most of my colleagues,  I'm also a student of design.  I'm always learning something (or refreshing my knowledge) about my profession or related elements of it.  Most of what's new in design relates back to the past, hence "redux."

So, as the name suggests,  Design Redux will bring back images of wonderful design work from many years -- or not so many years -- ago, and show how timeless the concept of "Good Design" can and should be.  If you love to look at beautiful and interesting interiors, you'll enjoy my blog.

But that's just one of many aspects of Design Redux.  To take it a step further, I'd like you to participate.  That's right.  Read on.

I want to chronicle "before and after" situations. and open that up to anyone (professional or not) who follows this blog.  So if you have a chair that's being re-upholstered; a table that's being refinished; a kitchen that's being renovated...whatever.  Send before and after photos!  Everybody loves "before and afters."  But they'd better be good if you'd like them published.

As another interactive aspect, I'd love to hear about  inventive or difficult situations where your creativity triumphed.  Again, pictures please!

I'm planning on visiting small-town antiques stores and auction houses and post the treasures I unearth.

Of course there will be events to report on, projects to chronicle, new products to write about, guest bloggers to be published...and so on and so on.

Next post:  "HG sans TV."  Stay tuned.

Like this photo?  It does have great style.  It was published c. 1987-88 in HG (as it was renamed in the late 1980s-early 90s).  Guess who was the editor.  She changed the name from House & Garden to HG, but was at the helm of the magazine for less than a year.  During her tenure, the joke was that "HG" stood for "House and Garment."  Give up?  Follow my blog or check Wikipedia (but why not follow my blog?)

Thanks for reading, everyone!