About me

I became involved in interior design in 1985 -- professionally, that is. I'm amazed it took me so long because I've been fascinated by houses, architecture, furniture, fabrics, et al since my childhood in Camden, South Carolina.

My mother was a major influence.  Camden has an amazing collection of antebellum homes, and Mother often took me on historic house tours. Local real estate agents would give her a sneak peak at any significant house that went on the market -- I tagged along.  Of those houses she liked, she'd draw a floor plan, and cut out tiny furniture templates, which I in turn played with like paper dolls, pushing the pieces around the rooms.  Mother took local furniture and interior design courses, and I helped compile her scrapbooks.  And of course I picked out the wallpaper and furniture for my bedroom.  I loved it all!

After college, I moved to New York City, which truly was a visual and cerebral treat..I attended Parsons and FIT and worked for a a few years in the apparel industry.  Finally I came full circle, switched careers and went to work for Kevin Lally Interior Design.  I opened my own firm in 1989.  I  now shuttle between the city and Quiogue, a lovely little hamlet on Eastern Long Island.

Between living in New York and being lucky enough to travel, I've been exposed to all kinds of wonderful stimuli, which has honed my sensibilities to the fascinating diversity of great design.